The Beautiful white city of Casablanca

The Beautiful white city of Casablanca

Blog The Beautiful white city of Casablanca

Casablanca , more known as the Industrial or Economic city of Morocco. It is the place where every young Moroccan is looking for a place where to work or starts his buisness. Present-day cities usually form the core of larger Metropolitan areas and Urabn ares which  creates  numerous commuters traveling towards cities for employment, entertainment, and edification. However, in a world of globalization, all cities are in different degree also connected globally beyond these regions.

 Most of the travelers coming to city know about the movie of the same name staring Humphrey Bogart. Established in the 1906 and had a population of approximately 20,000 people. Today, that number changed to over 4 million, considered to be the heart and soul of Morocco, it is seldom confused for  a Southern European city comparing to the other cities. With a big community of young peopl the city is probably the most liberal and progressive of all of Morocco’s cities and it’s not uncommon to see young women clad in designer labels and men sporting suit, ties and briefcases.

What is there to do in Casablanca  ?

Most of the visitors head to the big mosque of Hassan 2 ( Read about it here )  which is one of the many things really worth seeing. It’s an impressive building and one of the only mosques open to non-Muslims in the country. They have guided tours, but they can be  quite expensive at 120 DH for 45 minutes. Otherwise, the city just feels a bit like you’re back in Europe, which is why it might be a good option to spice things up by using Couchsurfing. 

     Sqala Restaurant  : Be it for breakfast or Lunch , this place will definetly not disapoint you in any way. Though the prices tend to be a bit higher than the average moroccan breakfast but you will really feel eating at a moroccan house. Squala Restaurant 



Cosa mia : Pasticc


Another staple to try in Casablanca is this delicious yet very cheap dish that everyone here in Casablanca goes for . One last place for desert that i will recomend is

Dip and Dip : 

This one will get your mouth watering ! When you visit a dipndip store, it’s a true theatrical experience.  You will  already be salivating  just by looking at the images of the various creatively decorated desserts on the menu. Once you have made your choice after hesitating for ages, you will not regret it; Chocolate at Dip'n'Dip is far from cheap; The owner has chosen to opt for a high quality chocolate from Liège for an exclusive taste rarely offered elsewhere.