Best Spots in Saint Petersburg

Best Spots in Saint Petersburg

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How much do you think knowing about St Petersburg ?

Did you know that Saint Petersburg was built by Swedish prisoners from the Great Northern war that happened between 1700 and 1721? It was considered the capital of Russia up to 1918 but ceased to be during the Russian revolution. Saint Petersburg deserves way more attention that what it is actually getting. It’s Architecture is not so different than other most famous cities in Europe (Ex:Paris).


 First Spot: State Hermitage Museum


 The Hermitage has attracted and absorbed so many people with its treasurres. There are over three milion items stored in the collection and some of them are showcased to the public.  One thing that worked for me is focusing on one area among the 360 rooms, otherwise you will be lost.

To facilate the visit you can arrange a guided tour at the Hermitage’s excurions office. The State Hermitage has five linked buildings, from west to east: 

1-Winter Palace

2- Small Hermitage

3-Great Hermitage

 4-New Hermitage

5-Hermitage Theatre.



Second Spot: General Staff Building 

Designed in  the 1820’s, its east wing contains a series of galleries displaying a collection of Impressionist and post-Impressionist works.

You can enter the galleries through a broad marble staircase which serves as an amphitheater where musical performances are held  .

Third Spot: Football Petersburg Tour


Who knew that Russian football first originated from Saint Petersburg? Well, the very first football match happened on the cadet corps ground. Saint Petersburg is itself very unique, since almost all its habitants support the Zenit team! You will hear a lot of stories about the team and its success from 1944 up to the UEFA cup in 2008.

There is one Big park where the Zenit Team used to train , known as the  Udelny Park (St. Petersburg, Fermerskoe shosse, 21). 


There are also 4 Arenas :


 How it looks like


The Dinamo Stadium

Stadium on Krestovsky Island

Petrovsky Stadium

Saint-Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex